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Sweater Knit Drop

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A lovely Drop featuring a sweater knit pattern in 3 neutral colours. All colours have a slight 'speckled' appearance, using a secondary colour, which gives the fabric a natural, organic look. This Drop comes with a jersey backing that provides stability and durability for the front sweater knit fabric.  

Material 50% Acrylic 23% Cotton 15% Linen 12% Rayon  
Length 200cm or 79"
Width 145cm or 57"
Stretch Along Length Stretchy
Stretch Along Width Stretchy
Texture (Front) Sweater Knit Pattern
Texture (Back) Marle Grey Jersey Backing
Finish Matte
Transparency Opaque
Edge Finish Overlocked
Care Info

Machine Wash using:

*Delicate Cycle

*High Water Level

*Slowest Spin Cycle Speed

*Just a little liquid detergent

*Fabric Softener 

*Tumble dry in a dryer on low heat

*Remove from dryer as soon as dry

*Store rolled up or hanging if possible (not folded) to help prevent creases and wrinkles

Uses Beanbag Drop (with Stand), Beanbag Drop (without Stand)